Tuesday, October 16, 2012

4 set of City Map Puzzle Foam Mat (used)

Have 4 sets complete in individual bag - Each set contains 9 1x1 feet of foam mat - Each 1x1 feet is actually a set of puzzle with 9 pieces interlocking puzzle. so instead of being floor mat, children can also play it as puzzle too. - The size of 1 set is 92 x 92 cm Therefore 4 sets can cover 1.84 x 1.84 meter square of area. All set are complete and no missing piece. Made of high density foam (thicker than usual ABC foam mat), soft, safe, duarable and non-toxic. A fun and bright floor mat for play room, bed room etc. Water resistance and easy to clean. AS THIS IS PRELOVED/USED ITEMS, PLEASE EXPECT SOME WEAR AND FADED AREA. BUT EACH PIECES ARE STILL SOLID AND NO TORN AS THERE MADE FROM HIGH QUALITY FOAM.
 Letting go all the 4 sets for RM100 includes postage
h/p: 016-4210029

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